The calendar for October 2019 through August 2020 showed the events and activities that were held up to the March 3, 2020 meeting.  Due to COVID19 precautions the April 7 and Spring Luncheon on May 3 were canceled.  As further precaution, the Tour of Homes scheduled for August 29 is canceled.  The Fall Fundraiser scheduled for November 7 is canceled.

A calendar for our next year’s meetings and activities will be available pending CDC health guidelines for gatherings.  To date, no meetings and activities are planned through December 31, 2020. 

The location of our gatherings will be changed as well, due to the closure of Pine Grove Community House for renovations.

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There are two pages to this calendar, please make sure you view both.  By clicking on the calendar you will see a forward and backward arrow at the bottom left. Get More Info


Printable Form